Direct integration with HM Land Registry now supported

London, UK (May 11, 2020) – Avail, an AI solution for real estate lawyers, today announced its integration with HM Land Registry (“HMLR“), to allow even greater flexibility for loading documents into its platform.

To date, Avail has focused its efforts on reading and analysing risk contained in HMLR documents, predominantly around title and title risk. Having built a link between Avail and HMLR, users will soon be able to purchase documents directly through Avail, allowing them to both download and analyse title risk in one click.

The HMLR portal is the current method by which the majority of lawyers download documents. This portal, although effective, was designed before the dawn of modern UI, and so suffers from serious usability problems.

Direct integration with Avail’s modern, clean platform allows for new ways of exploring data held by HMLR on land parcels including:

  • Digital PN1 Searches – At no cost and instant, Avail can now identify any land parcel in the UK according to its corporate owner; and
  • Mass document download – Copy/paste in a huge list of titles, and download them instantly.

“This is the natural next step for Avail” said Dom Conte, Avail’s Head of Projects. “We are all about efficiency, and although we saved our client significant time when analysing title documents, we were reliant on those documents being available to begin with. This key integration gives us the ability to remove this step…a further time saving.”

About Avail  

Avail is an early-stage PropTech company that builds unique and innovative AI augmented platforms for the legal sector, primarily focused around transactional real estate teams.

Contact Name: Dom Conte

Phone: 0333 567 8014